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We always try to provide a wide variety of properties all over Ibiza so that our catalogue meets all sorts of requests to fulfil our most demanding clients.

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Professional and friendly

We love things done right and on time so that everyone gets a chance to find their happy home in Ibiza.


Multilingual Service

We try to break language barriers to offer our clients fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese customized service.


Stable Agency

We have been proudly in the real estate business, renting and selling homes since 2018.

Our services

We understand that your home is not only your sanctuary but most likely your biggest investment, and that is why we are here; we want to help your vacation home rental income grow while you are sitting in the comfort of your home or even on an incredible family holiday. We will take care of everything for you before, during and after your guest’s arrival.
Your villa needs to be maintained and well-looked after. Ibiza Genius will make sure everything is in place by doing weekly check-ups during low season and reporting back to you instantly, especially during Ibiza’s winter and rainy winter days.
We want to invoke that “It feels like home” feeling in your clients during their vacation in Ibiza. That is why Ibiza Genius‘ cleaning team will make sure your guests feel as comfortable as possible during their stay by taking care of every single detail and providing an exceptional cleaning service.
Ibiza Genius will welcome your guests upon their arrival and make sure everything is correct. We’ll also be happy to prepare welcome packs to surprise your guests once they have arrived in Ibiza.
One of our goals is to assist homeowners build a strong online presence of their property and make it stand out from the rest, by offering a grand variety of real estate marketing services to get the best out of their property to increase their bookings income at the same time as providing an exceptional service to their guests.
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